Cell Signaling

Cell Signaling

DGFZ Board Chair: Frank Schildberg

Webinar speaker: Christina Theisgen

PhD Manager Technical Support (EU) and Application Specialist

The power of Flow Cytometry in Cell Signalling

Flow Cytometry and CyTOF are powerful tools that can be used to study a variety of intracellular processes for more in-depth understanding of immunology, microbiology, oncology, and cell biology.

Join our webinar to learn how two techniques enable  the detection and quantification of key intracellular proteins and their post-translational modifications. We will demonstrate the importance of  antibody validation and protocol optimization to ensure  high-quality and highly-reproducible results.

To support your research, we will also talk about antibody conjugation specifically for flow cytometry and explain the advantages of highly validated and conjugated antibodies compared to do-it-yourself kits.

During this CST Scientific Webinar, viewers can:

  • Discover how Intracellular Flow enables the study of complex intracellular processes
  • Learn how to combine intracellular and extracellular Flow cytometry
  • Hear our Product offerings and about our custom conjugation service


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