What is the product slam and what is good for, well…

Well for this year it is a short summary and reminder for those company presentations, that you already heard. But it is also an appetizer for products of companies, where there was no time at this conference to present in more detail.

Anyway, it is an one hour session to review and look ahead, what is going on in industry.

And we will have a nice potpourri of multiparameter, spectral, flow, imaging, mass, chip cytometry, accessories, therapy development, single cell analysis and optogenetics. Somehow something that at least makes us, Tom and me, curious.


September 29, 2021

14:00 – 15:00

Same procedure as last year …

Product Slam, Trailer by Elmar Endl and Thomas Bauer

We will have a contest among the presenters, a poll and we are thinking about possibilities to get you in contact to the companies, after the Product Slam.