Session 1, Wednesday, September, 29th, 2021

12:00pm – 1:30pm

The imaging session highlights cutting-edge technological developments and their application in the field of microscopy, imaging cytometry and beyond.

In the first talk, Dr. Chika Yokota (SciLifeLab, Stockholm University, Sweden) will discuss the emerging field of in situ RNA sequencing technologies, which allow to determine gene expression in a spatially resolved manner. She will present how this technology advances our understanding in the field of tumor biology.

The second talk, given by Prof. S. Ameer-Beg, will deal with newest developments of time-resolved fluorescence imaging technologies, which allow for more precise, faster quantitative acquisition of fluorescence lifetimes and time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy. The advantages of the new methodologies will be emphasized on various applications of Förster Resonant Energy Transfer (FRET) for high-throughput imaging of cellular functions. To encourage active participation of young scientists and to promote a vivid scientific dialogue, the session will end with two short presentations selected from the submitted abstracts based on their innovative character in the field of cytometric imaging.


Chairs: Anja Hauser, Raluca Niesner

Chika Yokota,  Stockholm, Sweden

Placing RNA in context and space – A High-Throughput, Multi-Targeted Gene Expression Profiling Technique for Cell Typing in Tissue Sections

Simon Ameer-Beg, London, UK

Protein-protein interactions at the cellular interface: Biophotonics approaches to quantitative FRET measurements

Short Talks

Anna Pascual-Reguant, Berlin, Germany

Multi-omics analysis reveals mechanisms of tissue remodeling upon severe COVID-19: stromal-immune crosstalk induces aberrant immune cell infiltration and lung fibrosis

Henrike Salié, Freiburg, Germany

Spatial single-cell mapping reveals an altered local immune response in COVID-19 brains