Tutorials 4 and 5

Tuesday September, 28th, 2021, 10 am – 12 pm

Tutorial Image Analysis

Chair: Ralf Köhler

A picture of your cells is worth a thousand words. In this tutorial we would like to give a short introduction to image analysis. Starting with some theoretical basics and signal enhancement techniques we dive into a common image analysis pipeline creation, extracting features from image data for further statistical investigation.

If you started new in the world of image analysis or just would like to get knowledge about how image data can support your research, this tutorial should suit you well.

Tutorial Mechanocytometry

Chairs: Oliver Otto and Daniel Klaue

In our tutorial we will highlight the potential of high-throughput mechanical phenotyping using the AcCellerator platform. The AcCellerator is based on real-time fluorescence and deformability cytometry (Rosendahl et al. (2018)) and enables to characterize the mechanical properties of more 1,000 cells per second while simultaneously measuring the signal of up to three fluorescence channels. After introducing the main components and working principles of the system, we will demonstrate its capabilities first on cell culture cells and second on whole blood samples. In an interactive session with all participants we will analyse our measurements using the free software ShapeOut and show how mechanical properties can be used for the label-free identification
of major immune cells.