Nao Nitta

Cutting Edge Session, Part 2

Friday, October, 1st, 2021, 8:30am – 09:00am

Integration of Cytometry and Imaging

K.K. CYBO, Tokyo, Japan


In recent years, cytometry and microscopy have been merging, creating a new frontier. Specifically, due to recent advances in genomics, cytometry and microscopy are becoming increasingly important in sample purification for genetic analysis, and we expect that the integration of these technologies will bring further development to this field. As part of this trend, we have developed an image-activated cell sorter that captures microscopic images of cells, analyzes them quantitatively in real-time, and sorts the cells according to the results of the analysis. To further integrate these fields, we are also working on introducing cytometry techniques to microscopic diagnosis. In this talk, I will introduce our latest efforts to bridge cytometry and microscopy, including the image-activated cell sorter and its advances.


Nao Nitta is a leading expert in cytometry with around 20 years of research and business experiences. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 2006, where his laboratory developed novel instruments for cell function assays including cell migration and degranulation. While in school he started working for a startup, was engaged in development and commercialization of the instruments, then expanded the business to the world as an executive director. After that, he joined a newly started life science division in Sony and worked there for eight years to contribute to launching and expanding a flow cytometer business. Since 2016, he has been working in an ImPACT program to lead the development and commercialization of an extremely innovative cell sorting and analyzing platform, which has formed the basis of CYBO, a startup he founded with his colleagues in July 2018.





Intelligent image-activated cell sorting

Raman image-activated cell sorting

Intelligent image-activated cell sorting 2.0