Rachel Errington

European Guest Session: UK

Thursday, September, 30th, 2021: 10:00am – 11:00am

Probing the tumour microenvironment

Professor in BioMolecular Imaging at Cardiff University

Biosketch & Abstract

Rachel is Director of Cancer and Genetics at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University and Non-Executive Director of Biostatus Ltd. At Cardiff she leads an inter-disciplinary R&D programme. A cell biologist and microscopist by trade, she leads a team that focuses on the biophysics of cancer. RJE is chair of the Tissue MicroEnvironment Group (TMEG), whose vision is to foster creative collaborations between engineering, the physical sciences and clinicians through focused research funding to realise these in clinical settings for the benefit of the patient. Currently, TMEG focuses on the cellular-molecular dynamics of prostate, lung and bone tumour microenvironment. Including the incorporation of biomechanical, physiological and immune infiltration influences. We are developing new IP for the identification of potential diagnostic biomarkers using extracellular vesicle liquid biopsies and, most recently, new theranostics targeting the colon. Over the last 20 years, RJE has been active in translational research developing a family of novel, far-red fluorescent probes. The resulting DRAQ™ probes are now utilised in a wide range of laboratory assays, transforming practice in clinical, commercial and research sectors through the spinout company Biostatus Ltd. “All good innovators find a way to get good ideas and technologies into the hands of others’’ [see here] . She is president-elect of International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC).