European Guest Session: UK

Session 3: Thursday, September, 30th, 2021: 10:00am – 11:00am

With a long tradition in the field of flow and imaging cytometry, the research community in the United Kingdom strongly impacted over decades our understanding of measuring cell properties and functions: by developing game-changing technologies and applying them to answer highly relevant questions in biomedical and medical research areas. In this sense, UK cytometrists were always involved in the activities of the International Society for Advancement in Cytometry (ISAC), thus, shaping the future of cytometry worldwide. In the UK itself, they are organized in several national societies, having set their focus on research and development in cytometry, SRL management as well as in clinical cytometry. These societies are gathered under an overarching British organization – flow cytometry UK – founded to promote the interaction between all developers and users of flow and imaging cytometry within UK, which holds regional meetings to foster interaction between researchers and promote new applications and techniques. In addition, the organization acts as a central resource for links, protocols, meeting advertisements and other relevant information.

This year we could win leading UK cytometrists as speakers in our European Guest Session. Dr. Andrew Filby from the University of Newcastle leads the “Innovation Methodology and Application Theme“, and the Cytomics SRL at his University and is member of the leading board of flow cytometry UK. Prof. Rachel Errington from the Cardiff University, an expert imaging and flow cytometrist and technology developer, with a strong focus in cancer research, strongly involved in the activities of the British society, is the in-coming ISAC president. In their talks, both speakers will focus on different aspects related to organizational structures in the Cytometry landscape within UK, international links as well as own scientific results.

Chairs: Raluca Niesner, Henrik Mei


Andrew Filby, New Castle, UK

A cellular, molecular and spatial analysis of post-mortem lung tissue from COVID19 patients by Image Cytometry techniques reveals a complex interplay between the immune system and virus
Rachel Errington, Cardiff, UK

Probing the tumour microenvironment