Core Facility Session

Thursday, September, 30th, 2021

2:30pm – 4:00pm Session 3

Cutting edge research often depends on high-end technologies which are frequently placed in core facilities to be shared by researchers for their various research topics. Core facilities aim to facilitate the use of these technologies by providing expert knowledge and by keeping the necessary instrumentation in good shape. The members of flow cytometry and imaging core facilities form a considerate part of the society and aim to contribute to the annual conference by presenting topics that are relevant for both, core facilities and researchers. This year’s topic will be centered around full spectrum cytometry technologies.


Chairs: Christian Kukat, Frank Schildberg

Rui Gardner New York, US

Introduction to Full Spectrum flow cytometry

Anna Belkina, US

How full spectrum cytometry becomes our new normal

Linda Hammerich Berlin, Germany

Immune monitoring of cancer patients in times of full spectrum cytometry– getting the most out of a 3-laser machine